Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Ways To Mend Your Broken Heart

How to mend broken heartI believe that many of you ever dumped by your boy friend. Just imagine, while you think that your relationship is going well, and suddenly he want to break up with you for many bizarre reasons. Even though that feeling is bad, but you still have to face it. So, I have 10 ways to make you feel positive and go through the pain.

1. Crying
Crying is believed can let the bad feeling go, so don’t be hesitate to cry if you want to. But don’t too often because you don’t want your face look awful after crying, don’t you?

2. Do sport regularly
Sport can make you think positively and feel healthy. Besides the good feeling, sport can make your body look shape.

3. Tell you pain to your family or best friend
Release the pain by tells it to someone you trusted for example your mom, sister, or friend. It can share your emotion, and then make you feel relieved.

4. Eating healthy food
Some people get addicted to food while they’re sad. I suggest not eating junk food or drink alcohol but try to eat fruits, vegetables, and fish. Junk food or alcohol can make you overweight easily and cause some diseases.

5. Read lot of inspiring books
By reading you will expand your knowledge and get many ideas to make your life worth rather than thinking of the past.

6. Spoil your self
You can spoil your self with many ways, for example change your look by going to salon (make your hair curly, colored your hair, get the face mask, or message)

7. Remove things that can memorize it with him
Put things from him to the box and remove it to the warehouse. It is useless if you still stare his picture every time.

8. Make friendship with many people
You can join many clubs in your town and hang out with new friends.

9. Do whatever you want that can’t do while you’re still in relationship.
No one will prohibit you now. For example: traveling to remote places with your friend.

10.Convince your self that there is still someone good for you and will accept you no matter what.

Okay, these are my tips. So cheer up woman if he’s not in to you anymore. Ssst, this tips also suitable for men.

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