Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eco Friendly Fashion from Your Wardrobe

Eco Friendly
Help our earth by using the eco friendly fashion is become popular nowadays. The global warming issue brings consciousness of people that the environmental degradation is more and more anxious. One of the contributors is the textile industry. Our clothes are made from nylon, polyester, cotton, wool, dye cloth, and silk. Moreover those items are goods that are produced by textile industry which is also close to the image as pollution supplier.

Eco friendly fashion refers to the fashion products that have been environmentally safe produced. Minimizing the use of chemical for making textile is very important to do. Planting cotton without using excessive fertilizer and pesticide; reducing the use of chemicals for making clothes are suggested. Furthermore, plants like bamboo, corn, and hemp are eligible to be perceived as other source beside cotton. It is because these fiber plants can produce good quality clothes without requiring too much chemicals.

Replace all your clothes with organic clothing products are good, but it is much better if you try to become environmentalist from your wardrobe. Thus, I’ll give some good tips for you. Firstly, please be wise when you buy clothes. It means that choose clothes that can be match with other clothes in you wardrobe. It will save your money to buy clothes and your old clothes can still be used. Secondly, treat your clothes nicely can lengthen the life of them, so you don’t have to throw out your damage clothes too often. Thirdly, vintage is back. Being creative with your clothes can be done by taking a peek of your mother/grandma/aunt’s wardrobe. You will find old clothes that still can be nice to be used. The guideline for wearing the vintage is to mix and match it with your clothes. So, you will still look trendy.

I believe there are still many simple tips to help our environments, so woman, please be wise and creative with your clothes.


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