Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simple Tips to Reduce Your Acne

How to reduce AcneTips to Reduce Your Acne - Acne is problem for many people, especially in teenager age. Most teenagers facing this problem and sometimes impact to their self confident. But, even though you have acne in your face, the most important think is your personality. If you have good face without good personality, it’s worthless. So, don’t be sad anymore with your acne’s problem.

Ok now, I will give you some tips to reduce the acne.

1. Minimizing your stress level and always think positive while facing problems

2. Don’t too often using make up and then be sure to remove it completely from your face.

3. Wash your face routine. During the activity your face will suffer because of dust, pollution, dirt, and bacteria. So, don’t forget to wash your face twice daily in the morning and night before bed.

4. Don’t let your hair touch your face. If you have long hair try to bind up it so it won’t touch your face. Daily activities will make your hair contains of oil and dirt. Dirt and oil that touched your face trigger the acne.

5. Do not squeeze, pick, scratch, or rub your skin because it makes the problem worse, and it may even cause scarring.

6. Using honey face mask is suitable to remove acne. Honey contains of anti bacteria that are able to kill bacteria and eliminate pimple. But, if your face have some allergic to honey please avoid using honey face mask.


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