Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Types of Woman

Type of womanA long time ago on our grand pa decades, if they were asked about what type of women they want, they will prefer to have woman that is feminine and motherly. But today, man wants to have a challenging woman. Ok, now let’s see 5 types of woman that is want by man.

1. The Sensual Type
This woman knows about her sex appeals and she’s not bashful to show it. She’s very confident with her look and talking about sex is not taboo for her.

2. The Independent type
She’s not easily to be dependent in a relationship. She can do everything and seems doesn’t need somebody else to help her. She’s a type of woman that wants a strong man to accompany her.

3. The Loyal Type
She’s a faithful woman and won’t betray her spouse even though they’re facing problem. This woman can not easily to make a relationship to other guy.

4. The Intellectual Type
This woman has broad knowledge, so she’s very fun to make word chat with. She’s like know everything, thus she prefer man who has better knowledge than her.

5. The understanding type
She always feels satisfied with her life, so she’s always cheerful and has positive thinking. She’s also taking her spouse’s lack without complaint.

So, which type are you?


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