Saturday, August 15, 2009

11 Tips for Women To Save Money

tips to save moneySaving means not only save the money in large amounts. There are so many ways to collect your pennies and increase your saving. These are only simple tips to save money :

1. Maximizing debit card
If you use a debit card, you can pay according to the amount that is charged on your bill. The lesser you use cash, the greater your savings.

2. Online Shopping
Online shopping can be efficient because you don’t need any money for the travel costs, either to use public transportation or to pay the gasoline for your car. Moreover, if the distance to the shopping center is far from your house, it will be more and more money can be saved.

3. Collect small change
We often joke about a dime. Only keep it in the bags. But trust me if you collect your dimes everyday in a box, you will get some amount of money. So, it’s better rather than you put your dimes somewhere inside the bags and be forgotten.

4. Set aside 10 percent
If you often withdraw your cash at ATM, don't forget to set aside 10 percent of any amount of money that you take. Then if you collect it diligently, the amount will quite surprising.

5. Bring lunch box to the office
Carrying your lunch box from home will save some money. Imagine how much money that you can keep for a month if you take it everyday.

6. Trim your own hair
Okay, may be to cut your hair, go to the salon is the right choice. However, if you only want to trim your bangs, why don’t you try to do it alone? It does not need to spend money for hair cut and tips.

7. Use the Public Transportation
Taking the public transportation can be an interesting option as a substitute of personal vehicles. It’s much cheaper than spending your money to buy gasoline and parking fee.

8. Making your own coffee
Your hobby is drinking coffee. But you don’t have to go to the coffee shop always. So, every time you want to enjoy coffee, create your own recipe coffee with your style. You can add cinnamon, chocolate, milk or whatever. Thus, your budget to buy coffee can be saved.

9. Sports
Do sport regularly will make your body healthier, so you don’t need to spend money to go to doctor.

10. Using credit card wisely
Use your credit card only for essential purposes or you can use it to pay for something beneficial. For example,some aviation company offer program: using credit card to make flight ticket payment will get discount.

11. Shopping with a point reward
If you get a credit card bill, not only read the claim number, but also read the point reward. Then try to make advantage from the point reward to buy goods that is needed. Point reward sometimes it will give you free stuffs


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