Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to Choose the Right Comb/Brush for Your Hair

Comb is very ancient tool that is used since many centuries ago. The existence of comb can be traced since the ancient Egyptians and China. On that old time, combs were used as accessories on their hair and became reflection of their social status. Now, combs have variety of shapes and used to manage the hair.

1. The Pick
the pick comb brush
This comb is very ideal for wet hair because on that condition, your hair is very brittle. The distance between the comb teeth allows you to manage the hair without making the hair damaged. If you have curly or wavy hair, use this comb so your hair is easier to be combed and tousled hair can be avoided.

2. Styling Brush
styling brush
Styling brush is the right choice when you want to blow your hair. It can make your hair look volumes or straight hair look. Select a comb with a tooth in the delicate skin of the head.

3. Paddle Brush
paddle brush
Usually this brush is used for managing the dry and straight hair. It will make the hair look more volume. It has a rubber cushion that can make a static-strand of hair, so your hair will look neat.

4. Thermal Round Brush
thermal round brush
This comb has a metal layer. So if you use hair dryer, the heat will flow more quickly and manage your hair from the outside and inside. The result is will have more volume look hair.

5. Tail Comb
tail comb
This comb is used to divide the hair into several sections or can be used also bouffant your hair.


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