Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oily Hair Tips / Treatment - How To Fix It?

Oily Hair Tips TreatmentHaving an oily hair is not comfortable indeed. Hair drenched so quickly so that it looks bad. There are many factor such as genetics, puberty, heat, and humidity also affect oil production. People who have fine, straight hair texture and/or an abundance of hair tend to have oilier hair than those with curlier locks and/or less hair. Generally, most people who have oily hair problem are washing their hair with shampoo everyday, so that the hair back fresh and looks good. Here are some tips for dealing with oily hair (oily hair tips):

1. Shampoo Daily
Shampoo daily with a specially formulated cleanser for oily hair. Use ph-balanced mild shampoo. Finding one that works for you will take time, with a trial and error approach. Make sure you shampoo your hair and rinse it cleanly.
2. Skip the conditioner
Skip the conditioner. Or, condition with an oil-free product; work a minimal amount into the hair tips only, not the roots; and, apply it only as needed.

3. Brush hair briefly
Brush/comb hair briefly and infrequently. When working the brush or comb through the hair, avoid contact with the scalp. This helps prevent or limit the transfer of oil from the scalp to the hair.

4. Avoid Oily Food / Junk Food
Avoid eating oily and fatty foods (including junk food) in the daily menu. Change unhealthy foods with vegetables.

5. Manage Stress
Adopt some techniques to help manage stress, such as meditation, scalp massage, acupuncture, and/or yoga.



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