Friday, September 18, 2009

All About Savings

Economic recession often becomes something feared for many people. Prices of goods rise, but you still need purchased them. A few steps below can be inspiration for you to make savings.

1. Understanding the benefits of goods
Sometimes we buy things because we like it, but we do not know the usefulness. For example you buy a mini skirt, but you know that you never dare to use it. So it’s useless because that mini skirt will only to be put in your wardrobe.

2. Making a scale of priority needs
Making a priority scale daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly thus you can find out what the needs are required in the present and future.

3. Total efficiency
Begin to restrict the use of air conditioner, water, electricity, heating, etc. If the room is not used, turn off all electrical equipment in the room.

4. Looking for extra income
If you have some spare time, you can make a creative thing according to your hobby who knows it can make money. For example your hobby is gardening, so you can grow plants in a pot and sell it.

5. Limiting the purchase installment
You must think firstly about the good that you want to purchase with installment payment. Do you think that good is really necessary? So you will not be burdened by the interest payment.


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