Friday, October 16, 2009

Female Celebrities Icons

Celebrities Icon. Who does not know the name of these celebrities? Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are celebrities who are considered to represent the icon on their field respectively.

Party Icon (Paris Hilton)
Celebrities Icon - party icon - Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is the right person to represent this icon. She always appears in gossip websites, she is stated as Miss Party of the Year. It becomes common sights for the paparazzi when they saw Paris attend parties in some famous clubs such as in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or California. When she has heart broken, she is partying with her sister (Nicky Hilton) in order to get rid of sadness.

Fashion Icon (Sarah Jessica Parker)
Celebrities Icon - fashion icon - sarah jessica parker
Carrie Bradshow, a prominent writer in the series "Sex & the City", has inspire many women because of her outgoing personality, good heart and concern for her three friends. In addition, Carrie is also known to be successful columnist. Since Sarah Jessica Parker playing the character of Carrie Bradshow successfully and always looks fashionable with the latest fashion, some media crowned her as one of the fashion icon of this century. Thanks to Patricia Field, she is a costume designer in the Sex and The City movie.
Perfume Icons (Jennifer Lopez)
Celebrities Icon - perfume icon - jennifer lopez
No Wonder Jennifer Lopez becomes perfume icon. Her perfume like Glow, Still, Live and Glow After Dark, successfully became trendsetters among other celebrities who follows her to make perfume line. Besides singing, J. Lo also opened a clothing line business.

Hair Trend Icon (Jennifer Aniston)
Celebrities Icon - hair trend icon - jennifer Aniston
Who can forget Jennifer Aniston's hair styles in the series "Friends"? Straight and shaggy hair, make her become women inspiration at that time. No wonder if Jen's hair style became icons in some hair mode and the hairdresser world.



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