Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food and Beverages That Make Your Teeth Yellow

Have you ever imagine, that the food or beverages consumed for years can make your teeth yellow. Yes, the material leave stains on your teeth if it’s not cleaned immediately. Now let look at these guilty food and drink:

1. Dark colored drinks
Try to remember how many dark colored drinks that you like. You drink coke every day, drinking dark coffee or dark tea in the morning, or drinking wine in every occasion that you attended. Actually, these kinds of drink are dangerous for your teeth because leaves stains and phosphoric citric acid + sugar that cause tooth decay.

2. Hot food and acidic food
Hot food and acidic food can open the pores of the tooth so it can make your teeth become brittle and also leave stains on the teeth.

3. Cigarettes
I often notice that many smokers’ teeth are yellow. Nicotine is the substance of evil because it could leave a yellow stain on teeth and disturbing your heart and lungs. So you should begin to stop smoking :D

If you want to have bright teeth, besides doing medical or natural treatment, you should avoid foods and beverages that I mentioned above. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stop the consumption of point 1 and 2 (but, it’s very recommended to stop doing your habit on point 3. Because it is very dangerous for you and people around you).

If you still want to consume coffee, add milk or cream in it. Or better to drink green tea instead of dark tea. Furthermore, I suggest you to replace coke with plain water, because it’s healthier for your body and teeth. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating or drinking with a soft toothbrush. Choose toothpaste that suits you.



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