Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lipstick tips from Bobbi Brown

Lipstick tips from Bobbi Brown. Lipstick is an important makeup that can instantly change your appearance. You can create an impression that is expected, like sexy, glam, elegant or innocent by using the right lipstick. According to Bobbi Brown, makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, neutral color lipstick is equivalent to fit with jeans that can be worn for all occasions.

Bobbi also shares useful tips of using lipstick thus you can optimize your performance. Check it out:
1. Choose a neutral color lipstick
Always provide natural lipstick color, then add with the other brighter strong colors. For different and dramatic results, you just need to mix two lipstick colors. For some women a neutral color like brown peach or pink rosy is very appropriate. However please note that natural lipstick color is not pale like concealer colors (colors that exist only in the stage runway).

2. Try exactly
Use the center of the lower lip as a means test to determine the color of the right lipstick, try during the day for accurate color selection. Do not count on cosmetics counter lights, because it would 'cheat' the true colors. If you try more than three or four colors, give a pause so the previous lipstick can be removed perfectly.

3. Identify yourself
As a makeup artist, Bobbi Brown learned quickly that the natural color of lips help to determine the final display. "If you saw a friend wearing a color lipstick and look good, do not assume that the same color will apply perfectly on you too. Because people have different natural lip color that will influence your final lips color after wearing lipstick.

4. Mix only
Every season will always shows the trend of different lipstick. Although the right color for you is pinky beige, it does not mean you can not apply a deep burgundy. Apply neutral lipstick color, and then overwritten with a burgundy color or other colors you want.


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