Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top 10 Highest Paid Supermodels In The World

Several years ago, Claudia Schiffer was mentioned as the world's highest income supermodel. But Schiffer era has ended and replaced with younger models and talent. You will wonder who this year replaced Schiffer. Here's a list of supermodels based on the calculation of their income, according to Forbes magazine. This is the list of 10 to 1!

10. Caroline Murphy
Earnings-per-year for Caroline Murphy, from the United States is approximately $ 3 million US dollars. Various famous brands sign her as a model, such as Banana Republic and Lord & Taylor. She has also been a Playboy model with a swimsuit.

9. Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr was the first Australian girl who became Victoria's Secret model. In her contract with XOXO clothing amounted to $ 3 million US dollars per year. She is active in Australia Unites fundraiser, by donating funds for reforestation Australia which suffered a great fire some time ago.

8. Daria Werbowy
Daria Werbowy began her career from model contest. Contests that followed, made her talent and Louis Vuitton made sign. Werbowy contract with LV reportedly reached $ 4.5 million US dollars per year.

7. Natalia Vodianova
Natalia Vodianova turning point was when she was a Vogue magazine cover model. Since then there's a lot like the character's face from the Russian woman. She has been a lingerie model of etam, Calvin Klein, Guerlain, and Jacob & Co. It makes her income reached $ 5.5 million US dollars per year.
6. Alessandra Ambrosio
Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, had revenue $ 6 million US dollars per year. At the age of 28 years she gave birth to her first child, and three months after giving birth she was to appear sexy.

5. Doutzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes, a Dutch model who is identical with sexy lips. The uniqueness of the lips and face make earnings match Alessandra Ambrosio, is $ 6 US dollars million per year. this 24-year-old girl was also the latest model from Victoria Secret

4. Adriana Lima
With her exotic face, Adriana Lima (Brazilian model) is favored by famous designers. Income per year from fashion shows and collaboration with leading brands reached $ 8 million US dollars.

3. Kate Moss
Who is not familiar with Kate Moss? She always appeared at the prestigious fashion world level. Moss had been a model of Versace, Longchamp and David Yurman. She also has her own boutique, which is Topshop. No wonder if her income is to reach U.S. $ 8.5 million per year.

2. Heidi Klum
Super model from Germany, Heidi Klum has annual revenue $ 16 million US dollars. Do not be surprised with the amount of her income, because she became Victoria's Secret model, Birkenstock, Diet Coke, Volkswagen, McDonald's, Motorola and was involved in the television show Project Runway.

1. Gisele Bundchen
Top 10 Highest Paid Supermodels In The World - Gisele Bundchen
Ranked on the first in the list of highest earning super-models held by Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen. 28-year-old model has revenue reached $ 25 million US dollars per year. Wife of Tom Brady is still a model of Versace, True Religion jeans, Dior and Ebel watches.



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