Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Massage Tips

Baby Massage TipsBaby massage is trusted can give some benefits for your baby. Eastern people have been practiced baby massage for thousand years. Touches on baby can strengthen parents-baby relationship and stimulates baby’s nerves. If you do massage on your baby, try to relax in order to make your baby feel calm. Look at your baby reaction during the massage process, when the baby looked uncomfortable, try to massage on the other parts, because the important thing of massaging baby is making your baby feel happy and comfort.

Some tips doing the baby massage
1. You can massage your baby when she/he in calm conditions
2. Don’t massage your baby when he/she just ate. Wait about 2 hours
3. Don’t reverse the direction when you massage your baby stomach, because it can make your baby have cramps.
4. Singing and talking to the baby during the massaging will give a comfortable environment for the baby and will strengthen the emotional bonding of mother and child.
5. For abdominal massage, can be done after the umbilical cord off
If you want to improve your massaging baby skill, it’s better to attend baby massage class on your town. But if you are too busy, you can read Baby Massage: The Calming Power of Touchbook or watch the Aimee's Babies Developmental DVD with Baby Massage. Baby Massage book from the is pretty good. It has full written about massage techniques like how to massage baby on front, back, head, face, stretches; baby everyday care and massage for different age group. The cost is only $10.20. Or do you prefer to watch the video rather than reading book? You can choose Aimee's Babies Developmental DVD with Baby Massage as your guide video. The cost is only $19.99



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