Friday, December 25, 2009

Remembering Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy, very popular and talented actress dead at 32. She died at 10:04 a.m in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center . Some rumors said that she died of cardiac arrest. Murphy was taken to to the hospital after Los Angeles Fire Department responded to emergency call at 8 a.m. Murphy's mother (Sharon), discovered her unconscious in the shower . Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia at November 10, 1997. She also stared many hits movies like Clueless (1995), Girl Interrupted (1999), 8 Mile (2002), Just Married (2002), and Uptown Girls (2003). Murphy also took part on Happy Feet movie, her voice gave life to Gloria the pretty penguin. Before married she was dating Demi Moore boyfriend's Aston Kutcher. In May 2007 she married with Simon Monjack a British screenwriter.Here I want to memorize the charm of Brittany Murphy from her some hits movies.

Brittany Murphy Movies-Clueless
Clueless DVD

First of all, still remember Clueless. The favorite movie of all girl on that time (1995). She acted as Tai Fraiser, the ugly girl who turn to a beautiful girl after made over by Cher (the most pretty and popular girl in school). But then, because of some incidents, Tai got her confidence and sense of style. So, her popularity rise, and became a threat for Cher. So, how the end of this American smart and funny movie? Just watch it.

Brittany Murphy Movies-Just Married
Just Married DVD

Another box office movie from Murphy is Just Married. She starred this movie with Ashton Kutcher. The story is about young married couple, who expect the perfect honeymoon vacation, but some funny and bad experiences happen along their way. This movie is very entertaining and give you some additional thought about having a relationship.

Brittany Murphy Movies-Uptown Girls
Uptown Girls

Uptown Girls is one of my favorite movie. She acted as Molly Gunn who forced into Ray's nanny (Dakota Fanning) because she lost all of her money. Ray is neglected by her mom and Molly is not a perfect nanny. So, watch the conflict between them, and how they become soul mate then.

The last movie Brittany Murphy made was Abandoned that will be released on 2010. It's a thriller movie about Marry Walsh (Brittany Murphy) who delivers her boyfriend (Dean Cain) for routine outpatient surgery to hospital. But, when she wants to take him home, she can't find him everywhere. No one can find her boyfriend records on that hospital. Then the psychiatrist pronounces her unstable. So, what is the story behind the mysterious missing boy friend? Just watch it next year.



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