Saturday, March 13, 2010

Free Download OfficeTab Add-In For Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

OfficeTab add-in for Microsoft office is a non official add-on which allows you to use tab when you work with multiple files / documents. OfficeTab adds tab feature to Microsoft office word, excel and microsoft powerpoint. This is almost the same as tabs in Mozilla firefox browser.

As many of you know, Microsoft office applications do not have tabbed interface. I guess this is an essential function which (maybe) Microsoft forgot. In my opinion, using tabs to handle multiple documents can reduce the pain yet efficient. Plus this method can save your times and enhance your productivity.

If you love firefox’s tabs, then you have to try officetab. Once you install it, when you open your Microsoft word, excel or ms powerpoint application there is a tab bar showed below the ribbon (ms office 2007) or below button bar (office 2003,2000). If you open multiple documents or files they will not open in new window, all of them will be opened in one window. Simply switch from one document to another by clicking on its tab. Drag and drop tabs as you like to make your work more comfortable. Right-click on the tab bar will open contextual menu, gives you access to document options and tab-options.

officetab free download

You can access advanced customization via OfficeTab Setting Center. Customize the functions and styles that suit you. Download OfficeTab add-on now and use it for free

Officetab download



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