Friday, March 19, 2010

Jennifer Lopez 'The Back-Up Plan' Movie Review

Jennifer Lopez 'The Back-Up Plan' Movie ReviewJennifer Lopez newest movie on 2010 will be released soon. Yup, J-Lo starred a romantic comedy titled “The Back-Up Plan, story about an independent and single woman named Zoe who wants to have a baby. Zoe a mature woman who never find Mr. Right after her several dating, decided to get pregnant alone. After doing the artificial insemination, she meets Stan that makes her fall in love again. Then, they’re dating and both of them are really into it. But, on the same time the artificial insemination was succeed, so as the consequence Zoe get pregnant. Then, how to hide Zoe’s early signs pregnancy because she doesn’t want to lose the Mr. Right? How Stan reaction after knowing his “angel” has a baby inside her tummy without his involved?

The Mr. Right or Stan was played by Alex O’Loughlin. He’s an Australian actor and has starred on several movies like Whiteout, August Rush, The Invisible and many more. I bet J-Lo lovers can’t wait to watch this movie. By the way, The Back-Up Plan movie will be released in India and UK at 19 March, Italy at 2 April, USA at 23 April, and Singapore 6 May.



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