Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tips on Choosing the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Tips on Choosing the Right Swimsuit for Your BodyHow to choose the right swimsuit that fit with our body type? If you have the perfect body like Barbie, then you can wear variety of swimsuits. But, in the real world, God created various kinds of body shapes. So, sometimes a particular swimsuit will look ugly to be worn. Don’t be silly to force yourself wearing a tiny bikini if you have a big belly and large breasts. Ouch, you’ll be looked awful in front of people. Actually, our body weaknesses can be covered if you wear the fit swimsuit.

So, what kind of swimsuit that right for your body type?

1. Small Breasts
Women with small breasts should choose a swimsuit that has pads in chest to avoid the top look flatter. Moreover, it’s recommended to wear swimsuit top ruffles to disguise your small breasts. Swimsuit with motif also a good option because it can cover your top’s shortage.

2. Large breasts
I think, woman with large breasts is sexy, but if you don’t feel confident with them, you can wear a dark on top swimsuit with V-neck or halter neck. When you want to wear swimsuit with motive, choose the vertical or diagonal pattern.

3. Small Hips
Maximizing your beach look with a light color and small printed swimsuit. Choose the horizontal pattern that makes the widening effect, then bikini with shorts can increase your hips curve.

4. Wide hips
If you have wide hips, choose a swimsuit that has a dark color on the bottom and bright on top in order to disguise your hips. In addition, high cut bottom is recommended to be worn, because your legs will look slimmer so people’s eyes more focus on the legs rather than hips.

5. Big belly
If you have big belly, you can flatterer your appearance by wearing dark color swimsuit and the vertical line pattern. Then, select design that has detail on chest to get people more focus to see at your top not to your belly.

6. Short legs
Wanna have long legs look? Just wear a swimsuit that has cut high on the thighs. That’s the best cut swimsuit for you.

7. Pregnant Mom
I think, all pregnant women are sexy and they have privilege to wear whatever kind of swimsuit. They don’t have to hide their belly, breasts, or thighs because it’s natural to have big shape's body during pregnancy. So, future moms, you just need to select the comfortable and not too tight swimsuit.

In addition, the point of choosing the right swimsuit for your body are choosing swimsuit with bright colors or patterns if you want to highlight some part of your body and choosing dark color for hiding it. Provide more time to pick the swimsuit, so you won’t be disappointed with the result.



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