Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unique Baby Pacifier

Baby pacifier is a gadget that absolutely owned by the baby. But generally the shape of baby pacifiers are so so. Uuugh, very boring. So, why don’t you change your baby's pacifier with the more cool and funny stuff. Guaranteed, all who see it will smile at your baby. And do you know that smile is very important to the baby in order to make the baby comfortable and improve his/her social skills. So, here are some funny baby pacifier

Unique Baby Pacifier
Chomp Baby Pacifier
Baby pacifier-shaped lips with irregular teeth make babies look so different. The pacifier is made from Silicone Orthodontic nipple. The price offered on Amazon is $ 3.27

Unique Baby Pacifier
Billy Bob Broadway Baby Pacifier
Rabbits do have two long front teeth, but don’t let your baby have that kind of those teeth. So better use Broadway Baby Pacifier, it’s very cute. The price offered on Amazon is $ 8.49

Unique Baby Pacifier
Billy Bob Kiss Me Pacifier
It’s a great stuff to remind that your baby needs a kiss. The price is only $3.80 in Amazon.



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