Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Friends Gift Idea

Having best friends is the most important thing on earth. You can break up with your boyfriend but not with your best friend (Except your best friend cheating on you by stealing your boyfriend lol). Best friends will understand and respect you, sometimes they’re closer than your family or spouse. Since, you know they can be trusted; you’re feel free to share a secret.
So, to celebrate your friendship, you can give a memorable present to your very best friends. Hopefully the gift will strengthen your friendship.

Rebecca Minkoff Best Friend Pouches

Best Friend Pouch is a useful gift to share with your favorite pal. It comes in perfect size, so the pouch is very easily to be carried everywhere or to be put in the bag. The design is simple and available in 3 colors (black,pale yellow, white). Each pouch has a handy key fob attached inside. The price is range between $88.45-$98

Engraved Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
“My Friend, You are the Sister I Wish I Had” these sweet words come in a silver bracelet. The outside reveals “My Friend” while the interior reveals “You Are the Sister I Wish I had”. I think it’s the best gift to say something that she can have forever. The price is $87.99

ROCAWEAR Rose Gold Toned BEST FRIENDS Keychains
Best Friends key chains are really cute. It’s a keepsake reminder keychain to share with your pal. It’s made from genuine Austrian Crystals. The price is $36.99

Best Friends 3-piece Break Apart Silver Tone Charm

Are you looking for a best bonding gift to your two close friends? I think the 3-piece break apart silver tone charm would be a great present. The three of you can wear the same necklace that always remind to the friendship. The price is $12.95



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