Friday, September 24, 2010

Prince of Persia Costume for Kids

Prince of Persia Costume for KidsHave you been addicted to Prince of Persia computer games? Or you just watched the movie? Both the game and the movie are really good. Prince of Persia movie is an epic action-adventure in Persia. Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal ) is a poor kid that luckily adopted by the king. Time goes by and Prince Dastan live happily with his two princes brothers. But a bad thing happens, The King murdered because wearing a poisonous cloak from Prince Dastan. So, many people including his two brothers assume Dastan as the murderer. So, to prove that he was innocent, Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) join forces together to safeguard an ancient dagger that capable to release the sands of time. Then, Prince Dastan can show to his brothers that he was not murderer.

Well, enough about the movie review. If your kid interested to be the next Prince Dastan or Princess Tamina on this Halloween, some Prince of Persia’s costumes and accessories are available on Amazon. Don’t let your kids look old fashioned with the boring Halloween outfit. Let them be the prince and princess from the mystic land of Persia.

Prince Dastan Costume
Prince of Persia - Dastan Deluxe Child Costume
This Prince Dastan outfit is cost only $38.95-$41.95. It includes 3-D armor top, pants, detachable chest emblem, belt and sash, buckle, gauntlets, and boot covers. But the toy weapon doesn’t include.

Princess Tamina Costume
Prince of Persia - Tamina Classic Child Costume
When you buy the Princes Tamina costume, you’ll get the tunic with attached sash and pants (doesn’t include the shoes). The price offered is $27.95. Both of Prince Dastan and Princess Tamina costume are officially licensed Prince of Persia product.

Dagger of Time for Kids
Prince of Persia - Dagger of Time Child
When you press the dagger of time button, you’ll get back to the past. Prince Dastan should protect the dagger of time from his evil uncle. The price of dagger of time for kids is $19.99.

Amulet Time of Time for Kids
Prince of Persia - Tamina Amulet of Time Child
It feels not complete if Princess Tamina doesn’t wear the amulet of time necklace. So, complete the Tamina's costume with this amulet. It’s only cost $9.95.



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