Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Do You Have to Wear Beaded Shoes?

Shoes are one of the important parts in women's life. Yup, beside their main function to protect your feet, shoes also give the added value to the wearer. A perfect shoe can make the wearer feet look gorgeous. Some women believe that only a high heel shoes that fix the feet weaknesses. But, that’s very painful to wear high heels on your daily life. So what you need is a combination of comfortable flats shoes or sandal with pretty design. Why don’t you try beaded flats? I think beaded shoes very fabulous to wear, convenient, and never out of date. If you interested in, you can look at these beaded shoes below. Remember girls. don't only accessorize your neck,because your feet also need jewelry too.

Beaded Gladiator Sandal
Antik Batik Women's Bongo Beaded Gladiator Sandal
This gladiator sandal is very cool and casual. The metallic beads add the beauty of the sandal. You can pair it with short jeans and belted tunic, then voila you’re ready to go. The price of Antik Batik Women's Bongo Beaded Gladiator Sandal is $108.65

Why Do You Have to Wear Beaded Shoes?
Antik Batik Women's Lola Beaded Thong
This beaded shoe is so cute and easy to wear. It goes with just about any outfit. So don’t worry to mix and match your clothes with the sandal. The price is $106.75

Beads and Feather Shoes
ZiGiny Women's Mallorca Sandal
This sandal is unique and has very feminine looking. Imagine that your footwear is accessorized by the mixture of beads, leather, woven detailing, and feathers, wow that’s very unique. The ZiGiny Women's Mallorca Sandal can be worn to attend outdoor wedding party or just to run around the town with your casual shorts. The price is $69.26.

Arabian Dancer Beaded Shoes
STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Aced Sandal
When I look this stylish sandal, it remains me to the Arabian dancer. The glamorous beads give you a sexy look to the sandal. The price is $71.47

Beaded Shoes from Steve Madden
Steve Madden Women's Sanzo Jeweled T-Strap Sandal
Beaded and beautiful shoes from Steve Madden will dress up your any jeans and trapeze dresses. The beaded jewelry shoes will make any feet look fabulous. The price is $56.40



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