Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Tips to Get Rid Your Back Acne

Backless prom gown is the hottest fashion of the moment. Backless gown will make the wearer look sexy and glamour. Wearing a backless gown is not easy. Your back will be exposed like your arms, so you have to pay more attention to your back skin. It’s a big no to wear backless gown if you have pimples on your back. Instead of having a remarkable prom night, you will feel uncomfortable because every eyes notice your back acne. So, here are some easy tips to get rid your back acne.

1.Smash two medium sizes of tomatoes, then have your back rubbed with the tomato mash around about five minutes. Leave alone for ten minutes then rinse with clean water. In order to get the maximum result, you can do the treatment every day for a week.

Squeeze a lemon and then have your back rubbed with the liquid. Let it dry then rinse with clean water.

3.Egg white
The egg white should be applied on your back skin, then let it dry. If you do the treatment regularly, I bet you will have soft and free acne skin.



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