Sunday, September 13, 2009

Financial Preparation For The Old Age

It is not doubt, that all of us will be old. Everyone need financial preparation for the old age. When age is no longer productive, we are often confused how to prepare for our future. Although we are old, surely we still need income for financing our needs and wants. So it is better if we prepare for the old age from now on. There are several things that can be prepared to get free financial freedom since we’re still productive, namely:

1. Standard Asset
Standard assets include houses, land, and cars. As long as we are young and healthy, don’t forget to prepare standard assets that will facilitate your life in the old age. Imagine if you are old and do not have your own house or car. It will be inconvenient, because you have to rent a house or even stay at son or family house.

2. Social Preparation
When you’re young make a lot of friends and always keep contact with them. This will useful in old age, because you still have friends so you will not feel lonely.

3. Savings
Savings some money is very useful for financing our lives in the present and future. Especially when there is a sudden need. If you have extra money, it can be used to invest in gold or jewelry.

4. Making your Own Business
Begin to develop a business while you’re still young can be useful on your old age.
When you are on pension time, you can work with your own business. Thus you will not bother other people because you still can earn money for your self. Furthermore, you can fill your free time on the old age by working on your business.


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