Friday, September 25, 2009

Natural Nail Treatment

Nail treatment is often forgotten by us, but the clean and beauty nails are also important. Actually, getting beautiful nail is not difficult, if you want to do the nail treatment properly. Furthermore, the good news is you don’t have to pay a lot of money to go to salon and doing the treatment, because the materials that you need to make your nails pretty can be found easily around us. You can do it at home on your spare time and believe me the result will be good.

There are several suggestions that you need to know about take care your nails. Please protect your nails from detergent because detergent will reduce the natural oils on nails. Applying olive oil to reduce the effects of drought and restore nails moisture is very important and don’t forget to spread it on nails edge and the back hand. More over, before using nail base coat, use the moisturizer. Maintaining nails moist by applying intensive hand cream lotion before sleeping and don’t be too long wearing nail polish. If more than three days, your nails should be rested a week without wearing nail polish.

Now I will give you some natural nail treatment tips for you:

If you want to have bright and beautiful nails, lime (citrus aurantifolia) can be used for treatment. You can rub lime into your nail surface for several minutes.

lime for nail treatment

If you want to clean the dirt between your nails and strengthen your nails, you can take starfruit (averrhoa bilimbi) and rub on the nails surface surrounding skin. Then wash with warm water.
starfruit for nail treatment

If you have brittle nails, garlic treatment is very beneficial for you. Rub garlic on your nails as often as possible. Then wash with warm towel.
garlic for nail treatment



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