Monday, October 5, 2009

Mini Dress

Mini dress is one of the most popular clothing for women. At first, Mary Quant created mini-dress from gabardine material in 1966. She is a British designer who dares to express her passion of clothes, so she invented a simple dress and a mini-cut. Even though her mini dress became favored by British teenagers at the time, many people against it because women accustomed to wear a long dress over the knee.

But now the mini-dress is acceptable to everyone. Not only for slender and tall woman, but small woman, or big woman can be sexy wearing it too. Colorful stocking, high boot, or knee high socks will be compatible to be matched with mini dress. Furthermore, for night party, mini dress can be look more fashionable if combine with ruffles, folds, ribbons, or lace.
Well, if you want to look sexy try wearing a mini dress.

mini dress

mini dress

mini dress



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