Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nail Art Tips

Nail art is the new look for you. Only wearing nail polish on your nails become old fashion today. Swarovsky, brocade can be used to make your nails prettier. Nail art is a painting nails that done manually. This art began popular in Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan in mid-1994.The motif is diverse, ranging from simple like flowers up to difficult motives because requires an expertise, such as using glitter, gems, dangle, beads, and swarovsky.

Furthermore, nail decoration has an age old history, traced back to 3000 B.C. This period witnesses the first nail polish that was originated in China. Various other ingredients like gum Arabic, gelatin and bees wax were used to create varnishes and lacquers for nail paints. Further with the advances in science and technology, many other forms of nail art with added quality, finish and beautiful colors came into existence.
If you want to create nail magic at home, you can follow these tips.

1. Apply nail vanish remover even if you have no nail paint on. It helps remove dirt and grease so that your nail polish will last longer.

2. Let your nail vanish dry properly. Give time for each layer to dry to ensure a lasting finish.

3. You can match your nail colour with your apparel or lip colour to give a complete co-ordinated look.

4. Always try to apply lots of thin layers rather than giving one quick layer. It not only dries quickly but also lasts for a longer time.
5. Make sure each coat is dry before applying the next. Never mix colours together before application since it can give a messy look to your nails.

6. If you love wearing rings, wear cool and aatractive ones as your nails will attract attention to your hands so do dress them up a bit!

7. Nail piercing can give a trendy look to your nails, but it can also weaken the nails.

8. Nail piercing could, and preferably be done on the upper portion of a long nail so that the hole could be filed away without losing much length.

9. Don't remove or re-apply nail polish more than one or two times a week as it may dry your nails.

10.Choose a remover with built-in moisturisers that will limit the damage.

11.Always keep your nails clean as it reduces the chances of nail breakage by keeping healthy.

12.Also do not clean your mails with hot water.

13.If you have long nails try painting the underside with a contrasting colour and paint the upper part with light coat.

14.When polishing the underside of the nail, avoid polishing the area the nail and the skin meet.

15.You can also use fake tattoos for giving a funky look to your nails.

16.Make sure you maintain your nails properly; as proper maintenance will help keep your nails in good condition for a longer period.

Some nail art below can be inspiration for you to make your hands prettier. But if you decide to use nail art, do not forget to take care your nails before and after decorating your nails.


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