Monday, November 9, 2009

Anti Aging Technique Using “Dracula Therapy”

Wrinkles become a frightening specter for women. Many women go to the beauty clinic to tighten her skin. Usually doctors use botox therapy injection. But there is something new that is offered beautifies your skin, namely Dracula Method Therapy or Self Stimulated Serum (S3) Therapy.

This therapy was first introduced by doctors Daniel Sister, who comes from France but now residing in London. So what is meant by Dracula therapy? The way to do that is unique, by taking your blood, then between the red blood cells, serum and platelets are separated. Furthermore, vitamins and amino acids are added, then mixture them. Afterward, that liquid is injected back to your face. Ouch, creepy. No wonder, it called Dracula Therapy, because your blood must be taken first. Dracula Therapy can overcome the scars and renew skin cells.

One patient expressed his experience when making a "Dracula Therapy". According to this patient, she felt a little bit pain for 10 minutes when the blood that mixture with amino acids and vitamins were injected in her face. But, the result is very good because wrinkle lines on her face disappear in a few days later. She wanted to do "Dracula Therapy" again, about four until six months later. So, do you want to try it?



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