Friday, November 6, 2009

Breast Cancer – The Causes of Breast Cancer's Genes Discovered

Breast Cancer – The Causes of Breast Cancer's Genes Discovered
Scientists have discovered genes associated with breast cancer. The discovery is considered as the most important discoveries in the last 30 years. Inventor gene, Paul Edwards from the University of Cambridge, England explained that every human has a gene called NRG1 since he/she was born. However, in some people, this gene is destroying, and then the damage’s genes will develop and then become cancer.

Experts from the Department of Pathology NRG1 explained that the damage has been found on half of
breast cancer cases. This damage also trigger other types of cancer such as prostate, bladder, and ovary. Actually, this gene serves as a brake to restrain the growth of cancer cells. But, when the gene is damaged, there was no longer any barrier and cells proliferate.Researchers have not discovered the causes of cells damage. But, these findings are expected to assist the selection of appropriate therapies for patients. NRG1 discovery was rated as the most significant discovery after the discovery of cancer gene, p53, in the 1970s.



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