Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas - Poinsettia that can shine

Christmas Gift Ideas - Poinsettia that can shinePoinsettia is very beautiful flower and often used to decorate the room. I am a poinsettia fans, especially just before Christmas. Several years ago I forced my mom to buy poinsettia to decorate our house at Christmas. But because I incompetent to care every plants :P, the poinsettia never bloom again until now.
For Christmas this year, I still miss the presence of these beautiful flowers, but I have to think twice, for buying real flowers. Because, maybe later the flowers will die in my hands :) (believe me, I'm very incapable taking care of plants). So, after browsing in the internet I found artificial poinsettia that very similar to the real plant. This flower also can shine, because it is equipped with LED lights in the middle. These flowers can decorate the fireplace, staircase, because it does not need a cable. Yeah, cordless lighted poinsettia garland using two AA batteries. So, you can put it wherever you want. This Christmas decoration can be found on Amazon. com for $ 19.98



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