Sunday, November 8, 2009

Flash Drive for Women – Bling-Bling USB Flash Drives

bling-bling flash drives
Are you bored with the common USB flash drives that less beautiful? As a woman, when I want to purchase a good, I also consider the beauty of the object. Even when buying a USB flash drive, I would rather choose the pretty color and girly shape. Not like my hubby, he said that the important thing of a good is the function itself. Yeah, he’s right. But, I’m a woman, so I have the right to choose only the cute stuff :P

Well, when I found the Swarovski USB flash drives from Samsung, my eyes became sparkling. Imagine, these stuffs are like functional jewelry. Samsung is very clever to combine the bling-bling with the USB flash drives. There are 3 models offered by Samsung, the Swarovski Crystal USB Necklace 8 GB Storage Lock Pendant, that has pretty padlock shape, 8 GB Jewelry USB Flash Drive necklace and 8GB Jewelry USB Flash Drive/necklace or Keychain that can be used as beautiful pendant.
These USB flash drives are also equipped with a beautiful chain, so you can use immediately as a necklace. I bet your USB flash drives bling-bling will be amazed by your colleagues.



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