Friday, November 6, 2009

Lipstick Tips – How to Get a Tantalizing Lips like Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani
You must be wondering, how talented singer like Gwen Stefani get a tantalizing red lipstick color perfectly. Well, the bright red lipstick color choice is not only the reason to get that awesome color lips, but the technique uses are also needed. Here, I’ll give you some tips to get a bright red lipstick so you can look sexy like Gwen Stefani :P

1.Before using lipstick, don’t forget to soften the lips by lifting the dead skin cells. You can use a gentle scrub or a warm towel. Rub gently until the dead skin cells lift up perfectly, and your lips feel soft.
2.Apply moisturizing lips that not too oily. Moisturizers can make lips look fuller and soft.
3.Use a lip liner with a neutral color to make lines on your lips. Another trick is to make a small dot using a concealer on your lips line. Avoid using dark colors concealer because it will make your lips look smaller. Use only the light and creamy color.
4.Use a lipstick brush to smooth your lipstick and make sure the lipstick is not out of line lips.



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