Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miss Tiffany 2009 in Thailand

Miss Tiffany 2009 in Thailand
Beauty contests are generally held for young girls who want to be elected as the most beautiful woman, both physically and intellectually. However, that does not mean the transsexual can not participate in beauty contest. In Pattaya beach resort, Thailand, every year held Miss Tiffany Universe.

This beauty contest’s participants are only transsexual people. This year, there are 29 transsexual people become the participants. They are assessed through several categories, like Best Costume, Miss Photogenic, and even Miss Unlimited Sexy Star.
This contest was very popular and watched by 15 millions televisions viewers on 2009. Finally, the winner was chosen, her name is Sorrawee Nattee, 20 year old from the province of Songkhla, southern Thailand. OMG, if you look the picture above, you may be have same opinion like me, yeah Natteee is very beautiful; even I can not see the difference between this pretty lady and real woman.



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