Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas-Jewelry Hair Clips

I bet you want to look different for the Christmas party this year, pretty and fabulous off course. But if you are too busy to make Christmas cookies, so you don’t have any time to get your hair done. So, why don’t you use hair clip as hair accessories. You can use jewelry hair clip in your hair, and believe me you will look different. With a simple touch, you can look beautiful and glamorous. This happens because the effect of shining jewels in your hair. So do not be surprised, if many people will praise you because you look beautiful.

Bumble Bee set with Swarovski Crystal Stones ~ Smoky Topaz (Brown)
Price: $10.95

Green and Clear Crystal Circle Hair Accessory Clip Fashion
Price : $17.99

Vintage Style Colorful Floral Hair Barrette with Swarovski Crystals
Price: $14.99

Blue Supernova Crystal Hair Clip Barrette Jewelry
Price: $16.99

Silver Peacock Style ~ Black and Clear
Price: $19.95



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