Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Stocking from Bucilla - Christmas Gift Ideas

A Christmas stocking is usually used as a place to put small gifts for children. Kids believe that when Santa Claus arrive he will fill their Christmas stockings with full of small toys, candy, and coins. The story of this stocking began because of legend of poor man and his three daughters. Once upon a time, a widower worried about his beautiful daughters’ life if he passed away. He is very poor so he can’t fulfill his daughters’ needs and he had no money to get his daughter married. So, when Santa Claus heard this sad condition, he wanted to help him in secret. Then one snowy night he entered the chimney with lots of gold coins. Santa Claus looked for a place to keep the coins, and then he saw the girls’ stockings were hung over the mantelpiece for drying. Thus, he decided to put the coins on each stocking. The next morning, that family surprise because of that gift. After that, they all can have a better life and get married.

Although that story above is a legend, in fact the tradition of Christmas stocking began centuries ago in Europe. Children there used their everyday clean socks as Christmas stocking. But today, Christmas stockings are made special and become popular hand made product. Women and girls love to make their personalized Christmas stockings for family. They decorate it with many ways, like put glitter, name or picture embroidery, and knitting.

So, if you consider to make your own hand made Christmas stockings probably with your niece, girlfriends, or alone. Maybe you can take a look at Bucilla. Bucilla has made it possible for stitchers to make beautiful holiday needle-crafts that area pleasure to create and a treasure for generations to enjoy. Each kit contains stamped felt, embroidery floss, sequins, beads, needles, and easy to follow instructions. Bucilla also offers many Christmas stockings themes.
Since Christmas is around the corner, don’t miss to celebrate it with your handmade Christmas stockings.

Cowboy Santa Felt Applique Kit
Price: $16.99

The Procession Felt Applique Kit
Price: $16.99

Sugar Plum Fairy Felt Applique Kit
Price: $19.94

Snowflake Snowman Felt Applique Kit
Price: $18.75

Princess Stocking Felt Applique Kit
Price: $21.60



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