Friday, December 4, 2009

Twilight Doll and Action Figures

Twilight New Moon DollTwilight movie and novel become very phenomenal around the world. Story about handsome vampire who falls in love with a beautiful woman is very touching and romantic. Moreover, others characters and conflict between them make this movie is not easy to be forgotten. Not surprisingly, twilight movie and its sequel becomes the box office in various countries. If you want to bring Bella and Edward charms in your life, don’t forget to collect the Twilight doll. Barbie twilight Bella and Edward Doll from Mattel made are very recommended to be one of your twilight collection.

Twilight  Doll
Barbie Twilight Bella Doll
Price: $44.99

Twilight  Doll
Barbie Twilight Doll – Edward
Price: $26.99

Twilight New Moon Four Action Figures (From NECA)
Price: $ 89.99



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