Sunday, January 31, 2010

USB Electric Blanket- Best Stuff to Warm Your Chilly Day

USB Electric Blanket- Best stuff to warm your chilly day.USB heated shawl and lap blanket is the best thing you have on this winter. I know that some of you still have to get up early and work in front of the computer on this winter. Though you turn on the heater, you still need a direct application of warm. Like a regular blanket that you usually use at bed, it gives you a nice warm feel. Remember, personal touch is very important on human live. Thus, it's very please if you could bring your blanket to the office. But, ouch, that's very uncool. So, why don't you use USB heated shawl and lap blanket.

Just plug this blanket into your USB port on your desktop or laptop, then guaranteed you will feel warm even on your cold office. The temperature is 100 F – 113 F. The dimension of blanket is 31” L x 17” W and the cord is 4 L. The blanket is made from soft velour electric heating pad. Moreover it has button so you can place it around your shoulders. Or you can spread it on your lap to warm your leg. The price offered from Amazon is $28.95



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