Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Charm Bracelet Jewelry

Charm bracelet is one type of jewelry that never outdated. Do you still remember the hits Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Thanks to that movie, the popularity of charm bracelet had risen up again. Many teenagers bought swords, skulls, and crossbones bracelet that dominate the movie.

Charm bracelets are very unique because can be personalized. That’s why many people like it. The pendants can be changed in accordance to the user’s wants, so that enhance charm bracelet uniqueness. You can add variety of ornaments depicting the journey of your life, your spiritual symbol, your favorite animation, or your beloved nickname. Well that’s very interesting. So, where charm bracelet originally came from?

In Neolithic times, people often carry unusual stone or piece of wood to protect them from the enemy. Then the ancient Egypt used charms as symbol of identification, faith and luck. While middle ages knights wore charms on their belt for family origin, political standing, and profession’s identification. In 1890’s charm bracelets have a new era as fashion jewelry as popularized by Queen Victoria of England. She was wearing a charm bracelet with small lockets holding family portraits. At that time, many nobles also follow their queen jewelry style.

Now, charm bracelets looks very cool with varieties of materials used, such as pearls, silver, gold. Then its diversity pendants that make these jewelries are not bore to be used. If you don’t believe, please see the wonderful charm bracelet collection below.

Beautiful Charm Bracelet Jewelry
Impressions of Renoir Charm Bracelet
Impressions of Renoir’s charm bracelet look so exotic and remind me of a tropical island atmosphere.Made from shimmering pearls, orange agate, brass and gold plated. The price offered at Amazon is $119.95

Alice in Wonderland Beautiful Charm Bracelet Jewelry
Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet
Can’t wait to see Alice in Wonderland the movie on March? This charm bracelet will cure your curiosity about the movie. This bracelet shows Alice holding the pig-baby, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter. This jewelry is made from sterling silver with lobster claw closure. The price at Amazon is 109.99

Beautiful Charm Bracelet Jewelry
Inspiration Charm Bracelet
By using this charm bracelet then love, serenity, bliss, and energy will always accompany you. The brown, green, and silver’s combination make this bracelet looks fresh. Moreover, there are various kinds of beads that adorn this jewelry. It measures about 8 "long. Price on Amazon is $22.99

Bella Twilight Beautiful Charm Bracelet Jewelry
Bella’s Charm Bracelet
Are you a fan of Twilight? The design of this charm bracelet is inspired by that book and movie. This jewelry is made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystal that will look very nice in your hands. Bella's charm bracelet has a lifetime warranty, so if you have a problem with this bracelet it can be repaired with free of charge. The price on Amazon is $165.00

Peace and dove Beautiful Charm Bracelet Jewelry
Peace and Dove Charm Bracelet
Peace is beautiful, while conflict only make people suffer. As a peace lover, this charm bracelet decorated with peace signs and trinkets dove is feasible to use. Will fit up to an 8 "wrist comfortably. The price offered at Amazon is $22.99



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