Saturday, February 6, 2010

Earrings for Valentine's Day

Hey girls, what will you do on Valentine's Day? Hmm maybe you'll make a special date with your boyfriend or go to an occasion with a group or girlfriends. Well that's fun. But there's one thing that you shouldn't forget. Your appearance is very important, especially on a special day like Valentine's Day. Since pink is always have been related to the Valentine's day, give a touch of pink on your appearance. But, don't imagine you have to wear all pink from head to toe, that's silly I think. You are a big girl now. A pair of pretty pink earrings will make you look more attractive on Valentine's day. Here, i'll show you some seducing Valentine pink earrings.

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
Sterling Silver Marcasite & Pink Glass Heart Earrings
Material Type : marcasite, sterling-silver
Gem Type : Glass, Marcasite
Width : 0.59 inches
Height : 1.06 inches
Price : $ 39.00

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
Pink Topaz and Diamond Gemstone Earrings in 10K White Gold
Material Type : 10-karat-gold, white-gold, topaz
Gem Type : Topaz, white diamond
Width : 0.43 inches
Length : 0.44 inches
Price : $90.00

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
Oval Link Bubble Rose Gold C.Z. Pink Sapphire Earrings
Metal : 925 sterling silver gem
Gem Type : cubic-zirconia
Price : $34.00

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
Pink Rhodochrosite Earrings
Material Type : rhodochrosite
Width : 0.5 inches
Length : 1 inches
Price : $54.99

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
Pink Jade Flip Flop Plumeria Strap Sandal Earrings, 14k Gold
Metal Stamp : 14k gold
Material Type : Jade
Width : 7 millimeters
Height : 15 millimeters
Weight : 0.8 grams
Price : $79.99

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
14k Solid Gold Pink CZ Orb Stud Earrings
Material Type : 14-karat-gold, cubic-zirconia
Gem Type : cubic-zirconia
Width : 7.90 millimeters
Height : 7.90 millimeters
Weight : 1 grams
Price : $60.65

 Earrings for Valentine's Day
Sterling Silver Pink Crystal and Enamel Hoop Earrings
Metal Stamp : 925-Sterling
Material Type : pink-crystal, sterling-silver
Gem Type : pink-crystal
Width : 0.9 inches
Height : 0.9 inches
Price : $49.00



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