Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Butterfly Decoration

Butterflies are beautiful flying insects because of their attractive color on the wings. These animals can live in all any part of the world, from the desert until on the high mountain. But rain forest has the most kind of butterfly. Unfortunately, because of its beauty, butterflies are often hunted and preserved then sold in the market. OMG, how come they could kill these pretty helpless creatures?

Whereas, the balance of nature is important for all creature’s future life. All insects including butterflies have main role on the environment. Butterflies help plants to do the pollination on flowers.
So, rather than buying the preserved butterflies, you can full your house with so many butterflies decoration. It’s great and environmentally friendly

Butterfly Decoration
Butterflies Wall Decoration

Say goodbye to your boring window. Using instant butterflies’ sticker, you can decorate not only the windows but also walls, doors, bed post and more with only single minutes. It’s easy to peel off and stick on. So, whenever you want to reposition the butterflies, peel them easily without peeling off paint/wallpaper and without left any residue. These beautiful butterflies will brighten up any room. The price on Amazon is $10.21

Butterfly Decoration
Butterfly Art Glass Nightlight

Are you afraid of the darkness? Sleeping in the dark is very good to release the melatonin on your body, but if you don’t like the spooky air on your room. Bright the dark with the Butterfly art glass nightlight. It’s pretty and classy. It has on/off switch and the bulb included 5 1/2”. The price offered at Amazon is $18.95

Butterfly DecorationSolar Powered Butterfly and Lily Garden Lights

Wanna see glowing butterflies in your garden? This solar powered butterflies like a magic in the night. You can see the beautiful butterflies landed on bamboo stick while the lily flower changing color. The price on Amazon is $29.99
Product Features:
Automatic light on/off. Butterfly and Lily turning different colors while the poles stay green color, 8 hours in the sun = 6 hours light in the evening, no wire and A/C electricity needed to run these lights, 2V/50mA solar panel, 2 LED lights/stake, 2 stakes in one package.

Butterfly DecorationVinyl Butterfly Stars Branch Decoration

The new way to decorate your walls is using vinyl wall art decal sticker. It’s only taken a little time to decorate but the result is awesome and the decal will last for many years. This Vinyl Wall Decal is 75" X 29" Overall. Mix Match the decals to make it fit with the way you like it. The price on Amazon is $43.00 and available with the use instruction.

Butterfly DecorationButterfly Wall Mount Fishbowl

Hang your butterfly fishbowl and let the guests see the uniqueness of it. This purple butterfly looks great to be backdrop of the fish bowl. Measures: 10.5 inches high x 4 inches long x 10.5 inches wide. The price at Amazon is $9.99



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