Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Black Dress: A Must Have Woman Clothes

A Little black dress is a must have woman clothes. Why I can said so? Little black dress is never out of date, always fashionable, and looks stunning with every kind of accessories. Then the best thing from LBD is this cute little black dress can be worn on many occasions like cocktail party, candle light dinner, or luxury party.

The history of little black dress can be tracked back when Coco Chanel in 1920s intended to design a long lasting, versatile, affordable and have neutral color fashion. So, she designed the first little black dress that become a must fashion on every woman wardrobe until now. Coco created a sleeveless tailored sheath dress cut just above the knees that become unwritten guidelines for LBD (Little Black Dress).

Wearing LBD to any occasion is never wrong, because:
1.You can put your vintage, modern, stone, pearl or every kind of accessories on LBD
2.Many kind of LBD these days like halter neck, spaghetti strap, shanghai collar, etc. But usually the length is above or below knee.
3.If you want to boost your LBD at the party, just wear the stylish ropes high heels and bling-bling clutch.
4.Just put a nice blazer on little black dress then you’re ready to go to work
5.Though your little black dress only cost tens dollars or thousand dollars, don’t worry you’ll look great wearing this outfit.
6.In fact, the black dress color will make you look taller and slimmer

So, what are you waiting for, boost your look by wearing little black dress

Misses J.B.S. Sleeveless Little Black Dress
This little black dress is inspired by Michelle Obama. You can add a pearl necklace for partying or blazer for business meeting. The price offered from Amazon only $36

Elegant Evening Prom Party Cocktail Empire Halter Mini Dress

This little black dress gives you a sensual and elegant style. This dress is suit to any type of body. The price at the Amazon is $39.99.

Black ruched sexy cocktail fitted X back mini dress
Here is the sexy little black dress. It boosts your appearance by showing your upper and beautiful body. The price is only $38.99 on Amazon.

Target Limited Edition Women's Marian Shift Dress – Ebony
You can wear this little black dress on every occasion like cocktail party, funeral, business meeting. Just put the appropriate accessories then you’re ready to go. It’s simple but looks classy. The price on Amazon is $39.99



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