Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Look Taller Tips

How to Look Taller TipsHow to look taller is a question that often be asked by petite girl like me. God creations are very beautiful. Just like human being, some people can be so tall but others are tiny. Even though, you are not tall like supermodel, but we should be thankful with everything that God gave to us. The fashion trend today always takes a side on tall women, but you can be cute too as petite woman. I think you don't need to have posture like supermodel to be pretty, but by using some tips from me, even though you're short you can look ideal also. Here I'll give you some tips to make you look taller.
1. Posture
Try to keep your upright body posture, beside looks good for you; it has psychologically effect that will add one's self confidence. Try to always keep your body posture in every activity. If you find it difficult to know the best posture for your body, try yoga exercise. In the yoga, you will be taught how to have a good posture.

2. Avoid the horizontal lines
Be careful if you plan to wear horizontal striped clothes. Because it will make you look shorter. Thus, it's better to wear clothes with vertical line patterns that can make you look taller and thinner.
3. Monochrome color
Use the monochrome color when choosing dress. Because when you wear one color family from head to toe, the eye of the beholder will think that you are taller than suppose to be.
4. Smart to mix and match clothes
I mean, you must feel bored if you have to wear the monochrome color clothes everyday. So, when you want to wear contrasting color, the trick is choose the vertical line pattern either for clothes, pants, or skirt. Furthermore, you can choose the V neck for t shirt rather than round collar.
5. Choose pants or skirt with the high waist
High waist pants or skirt make your legs look longer. On the contrary, if you wear a hip length pants, your legs will look shorter.
7. Avoid Baggy Trousers Model
I think that baggy trousers will look very awful on the short people. Because it will accentuate that your body is short.
8. Use the Right Shoes
Off course high heel shoes will make you feel and look taller. But think twice if you want to wear high platform shoes or too high stilettos, because it won't be comfortable and looks bizarre on you.
9. Necklace
You should avoid wearing choker, and I recommend you to wear long necklace or pendants.



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