Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Harajuku Fashion Style

What is "Harajuku Fashion style"? It’s not easy to answer because no specific standards on harajuku fashion. It is a mixture of various colors and styles, like Victorian, Hello Kitty, punk rock, Gothic, hip hop. Don’t forget that Harajuku fashion is creative, so feel free if you want to mix and match the clothes, make up, hairsyle and accessories.

Harajuku is a shopping district in central Tokyo. This district exudes major influence on the youth fashion in Japan and many places in the world. Harajuku become famous since 1980s when Omotesando Street was closed on Sunday for traffic. Omotesando is a long street with cafes and fashion boutique popular with residents and tourists alike. So that it became a perfect place to gather and show off. Today, the Harajuku landmark is Laforet Harajuku, which is a shopping mall filled with boutiques, from the basement to the 6th floor. Every weekend, young people gather in front of this mall to show off their fashion style. Even now, that place also becomes tourist destination when they visiting Japan. Here I'll show some harajuku fashion's pictures that I take from

harajuku fashion style

It's a cute Lolita Gothic harajuku style. She looks innocent on that outfit. In fact this picture become favorite among Harajuku fashion lovers.

Harajuku Fashion style

It is called pink Japanese Lolita, she wears pink from top to toe with a pink doll accessories. I think she look sweet on that dress.

Harajuku FAshion Style

They all look fantastic on that dresses, make up, and hairstyle. What do you think?

Harajuku Fashion Style

Probably she got her clothes inspiration from the bee (yellow stripped black). Her appearance is very bright and eye catchy.

Harajuku Fashion Style

Two Japanese girls wearing purple and orange fashion.



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