Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pretty Leggings

Leggings become hits again this year. Almost all women love to wear legging, because it can be easily mix and match with many dress. Legging is known since the 14th century until the 16th, or better known as the Renaissance centuries in Europe. On that time women and men wore legging. Legging also had popular among the military and the cowboys. Wearing leggings help the soldiers and cowboys to protect the skin from the threat of venomous animal bites and insects, and protect the feet from the soaking mud. In the 1980s, legging become popular because the Flashdance movie was booming. Leggings now become a trend again in the world of fashion. Leggings are made of t-shirts, nylon, lycra, or polyester.

pretty leggings

There are many reasons for wearing leggings: they are very comfortable to wear; you can choose many variety of lengths, motifs, color; they are cute, and not expensive. Below are some tips, so will look fashionable with leggings
1. Choose a neutral color for legging such as white, black, and brown so you can combine with many dress colors.
2. If you wear bright colored leggings match it with dark clothes.
3. Mini skirts, shirtwaist dress, and tunic are perfect paired with leggings
4. If you have large thighs, you should not wear leggings with bright colors like pink, light blue, white.


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