Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wild Animal Print Dress for Prom Party

Are you wondering what kind of dress that you’ll wear on party? Do you get bored with the plain party dresses you have? Well, I think it’s the right time to give your attention to wild animal print dress. With many unique prints and shades, your prom or evening dress would be look trendy and glamor around the crowd. I know not many women dare to wear the animal print dress, but you have to think out of the box. Today, many animal print dress designs for prom and evening dresses that really awesome.

Animal print dress is the combination of elegance and daring fashion. It’s a perfect choice to make a statement that you’re there. Animal print dress is very chic to be completed with minimize accessories. Don’t force yourself with some bling-bling jewelry while wearing this dress, you’ll look too much. So, the key is keeping it simple. If you interested, you can read my previous post about tips to wear animal print dress.

Here are some gorgeous animal print dresses that I found in dressgoddes.com. Probably you can get some inspirations for you prom or evening party. Enjoy!!

Animal Multi Print Dress by Allure
Price: $298.00 and size available: 0-16

Animal Print Dress by Faviana
Price: $258.00 and size available: 0-12

Leopard Feather Dress by Sherri Hill
Price: $480.00 and size available: 0-16

Gold Animal Dress by Riva
Price: $430.00 and size available: 0-16

Sexy Animal Multi Print by Night Moves
Price: $338.00 and size available: 0-16



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