Monday, June 7, 2010

Tips to Wear Animal Print Dress

Animal print dresses become a hit lately. With a variety of animal pattern like zebra, tiger, or leopard, you have more opportunity to mix and match this kind of dress. Actually, if you like to wear animal print dress, it means you dare to show your sexy, strong, and brave character. Yup, not many women dare to wear animal print dress because of the very eye catching fabric shades.
Here are some tips to wear animal print dress.

1. Don’t put all your jewelry collection on the animal print dress. Minimize your look with gold earrings or bracelet.

2. Give an ethnic impression by wearing metal or wood bangles.

3. Mix matches your animal print clothes with basic color like black, beige, or white. Animal print looks best when present only in one pattern in no more than one or two elements of an outfit.

4. Don’t push yourself to wear animal print legging, mini skirt, or long jacket. Believe me; you’ll look very awful on that outfit.

5. The key to wear animal print fashion is to keep simple. Minimize the accessories and print pattern, I bet you don’t want to be looked like Cruella de Vil.

6. Playing with animal prints can be a very dangerous style game. Of all of the fashion faux pas, nothing is quite as tragic as the poor styling of animal prints. So, make sure to choose the nicest styling of animal prints.

Here some recommended animal print dresses on Amazon

Tips to wear animal print dress-HALTER MINI DRESS

Halter Animal Printed Mini Dress

The dress has A-line cut with leopard printed and bronze braided halter neckline strap. The price offered at Amazon is $46.99.

Tips to Wear Animal Print Dress-Pleated Shoulder Leopard
Mac & Jac Women's Pleated Shoulder Leopard Printed Dress
This simple leopard print dress can be worn to every occasion, picking up your daughter or combine with white blazer, so you’re ready to work. The price offered at Amazon is $ 59.00

Tips to Wear Animal Print Dress-Ball Gown Zebra Print Dress
Ball Gown Elegant Prom Zebra Print Dress
This Hollywood red carpet style dress is perfect for animal print lovers. You will be elegantly eye-catching at any formal affair or party. The price offered at Amazon is $ 154.99

Tips to Wear Animal Print Dress-animal print mini dress
Jump Junior's Animal Print Emma Party Dress
This animal print mini dress has gorgeous color that reminds me to the rain forest exoticism. It made from 100% polyester and the price is $120.00

Tips to Wear Animal Print Dress-Leopard Strapless mini dress
Leopard Strapless Silver Sequin Ruched Sexy Mini Dress
Be the center of attention with hot and sexy leopard strapless mini dress. The back of the shows your sexy bare back. The price at Amazon is $ 38.99



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