Monday, September 28, 2009

How To Stop an Extravagance Habit

How To Stop an Extravagance Habit? Extravagance will make you poor. Current financial crisis push us to be thriftier. Extravagance is a symptom of the real problem, which becomes compensation of the personality or obsessive compulsive disorder, which can appear in various forms of addiction. Did you read the novel or watching Confessions of Shopaholic movie? In the novel and movie was illustrated clearly how the main character is obsessed with shopping, even though the stuffs are not necessarily needed. So, her credit card bills are charged large enough, and she can not pay the bill.

Of course you do not want to end up like her. Extravagance can destroy your finances and very difficult to fix. Thus, I suggest you to follow these steps below to make you able to stop wasting your money.
Step 1
Acknowledge your wasteful habits. Do not hide from the debt collector. Let your family and friends know about your problems. Be honest with yourself and admit the problem is the first step that you have to do.

Step 2
Ask for help from people who can be trusted. For example give your credit card to one of family member and ask him/her to save it, and being returned to you if you really need it.

Step 3
Making plans to pay bills. Making priority for paying bills, remember: first bill pay first.

Step 4
Counseling with a therapist. You need to find the issues behind the fundamental nature of your extravagance.

Step 5
Find healthy ways to reward yourself every time you are not tempted to shop, for example: having warm bath with music, reading novels, exercising.

Step 6
Make a thank you list to all things in life that make you happy. Grateful and thankful to things that are owned, could be a tool that gives strength to overcome feelings of weakness that encourages you to get into debt.


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