Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Food Allergy – Substitution Food for Your Food Allergy

Food Allergy – Substitution Food for Your Food AllergyFood allergy is the unusual reaction to some food that caused by the immune system on your body. So, you have to avoid some trigger foods and replace them with the substitution food. Here, the list of the substitution food.
1. Cow’s milk
Milk is very important to give protein on your body. But, if you allergic to cow’s milk you still can consume non dairy milk, like soybean milk. In fact, soybean milk can reduces cholesterol and contains of vegetables protein.
2. Peanuts
Replace your peanuts with tree nuts like cashews, walnuts, almonds,
3. Eggs
You like to eat mayonnaise, but since you have eggs allergy you better avoid to consume it. But don’t you know, you still can make your own mayonnaise from soybean or corn.



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