Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Halle Berry Pure Orchid Perfume

Halle Berry Pure Orchid PerfumeHalle Berry Pure Orchid Perfume is the newest fragrance from this female celebrity. Following the success of her first perfume in 2009. This year Halle Berry is ready to promote her latest perfume product. Unlike the first perfume which has a blend of some fragrances, she decided to give orchid aroma on the newest parfume that called “Pure Orchid”. This talented actress said that pure Orchid is a reflection herself. This perfume was created in collaboration with Rodrigo Flores and Christophe Raynaud from Givaudan.

Beside the prominent smell of orchid; scent of cactus flower, lemon, black currant, anise, orchids masdevallia, sequoia, and patchouli are added on this perfume. Halle Berry Pure Orchid is sold at price $16 and available in 15 ml Eau de Parfum



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