Friday, September 17, 2010

Earrings for The Round Face

The right jewelry to your round face will enhance detail and emphasis to your face. Probably you already have the best hair cut for your round face, but accessorizing your cute face with pretty earrings will boost your appearance. So, before you decide to choose earrings, you should know the type of your face. Round face can be determine with these characteristics: your cheek is look wider than any other area on your face, your chin is rounded, the cheeks are full as the cheekbone, the dimension of face's width and length has nearly the same, and you have wider hairline.

The best earrings for round face are the long and narrow earrings. You must create an impression that your face isn’t too round, so thanks the vertical lines earrings because it can make your face look thinner.

Here are some good earrings for round face that I found on Amazon

Earrings for The Round Face
Modern Elegance: Sterling Silver Designer Inspired Interlocked Wave Dangle Post Earrings with CZ Diamonds
Price: $34.99

Round Face Earrings
14k White Gold Swiss Blue Topaz Teardrop Earrings
Price: $69.99

Earrings for Your Round Face
Delightful Chic: Sterling Silver Celebrity Style White Pearl CZ Diamond Dangle Earrings

Price: $29.99

Best Earrings for Round Face
Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sapphire and Diamond Accent Flower Dangle Earrings

Price: $24.99

Earrings for The Round Face
Kit Heath Long Twisted Leaves & Pearl Earrings

Price: $39.00



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