Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Benefits of Blueberry for Your Health

blueberry to fight cancer
Blueberry fruit has many benefits for our health. It is delicious, has a sweet taste and full of nutrition that is good for our health. In this post I will share to you why we should consider blueberry in our diet menu. There are at least 5 reasons why we should consume blueberry and adding it to our diet menu as follows:

Blueberry is an Antioxidant Producer
According to a research study from Tufts University, they tested and compared antioxidant content from 60 fruits and vegetables. They found that blueberry has the highest antioxidant level, outranked the other 59 fruits and vegetables contestant. Specifically, blueberry contains anthocyanidins that is useful to fight against many diseases, such as cataract, constipation, peptic ulcer and cancer.

Protecting Digestive System
As an additional benefit of anthocyanidins, blueberry can help to protect digestion system, helping digestive system to work normally, reducing diarrhea symptoms and constipation. Blueberry contains tannin that is good to lessen chafe. Blueberry is also good to protect urine channel from E Coli bacteria.

To Prevent From Cancer Disease
Blueberry contains ellagic acid which can protect our body and prevent cancer attack. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry stated that phenolic in blueberry could impede large intestine cancer. The high level of kaempferol (a kind of flavonoid) could reduce the risk of ovary cancer.

Blueberry Is Good for your Heart
Blueberry is good for your heart because it is rich of fiber that is good to lowering the cholesterol level. The high level of anthocyanidins makes blueberry become more preferable than red grape as a food for healthy heart. Blueberry contains more 38 percent anthocyanidins rather than red grape.

Blueberry Is Good For Your Brain
Blueberry can help to protect the brain from oxidant stress and reducing Alzheimer disease risks.


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